Max Baker and Lee Sellars have written an imaginative, entertaining and original ALTERNATIVE musical. It will blow your mind.

Some backstory:  I have had the pleasure of working with Lee Sellars for over 12 years. We first worked together in 1998 on Tom Strelich’s new play-BAFO. We instantly connected and over the years we have developed an extraordinary artistic relationship. I have such fond memories of working with Lee. Most memorable productions include: COMPLEAT FEMALE STAGE BEAUTY by Jeffrey Hatcher; COYOTE ON A FENCE by Bruce Graham;  SOMETHING IN THE AIR by Richard Dresser; THE PAVILION by Craig Wright; FLAG DAY by Lee Blessing; ROUNDING THIRD by Richard Dresser; and THE GOD OF HELL by Sam Shepard.

Our collaboration continues this summer with the World Premiere of THE EELWAX JESUS 3-D POP MUSIC SHOW. Lee wrote the music for this amazing new work and Max Baker wrote the Book and Lyrics. Lee introduced me to Max several years ago in New York. Max is an actor, director and playwright and he is directing EELWAX for us this summer. So we have all known each other for many years… and I am thrilled that Max and Lee are giving me the opportunity to produce the Premiere.

If you want to hear the intro song for THE EELWAX JESUS 3-d POP MUSIC SHOW go to our web site  and click on the EELWAX graphic and take a listen. You can also hear more EELWAX JESUS songs on their web site 

After you listen to the songs please share your comments with me. I am looking forward to introducing you to this new ALTERNATIVE THEATRICAL EVENT. Please invite your friends to join you in Shepherdstown to experience the wild imaginations of Baker and Sellars. Please share this blog with your adventurous friends.

Ed Herendeen