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    Season 27: July 7-30

    Joey Parsons and Ben Chase in Allison Gregory’s NOT MEDEA. Photo by Seth Freeman.

  • THE WEDDING GIFT by Chisa Hutchinson is

    “funny, terrifying, and excellently performed.”

    Jason Babinsky and Damian Thompson in Chisa Hutchinson’s THE WEDDING GIFT. Photo by Seth Freeman.

  • pen/man/ship BY CHRISTINA ANDERSON

    "a remarkable adventure...and will surely be a festival highlight."

    Margaret Ivey and Damian Thompson in Christina Anderson’s pen/man/ship. Photo by Seth Freeman.

  • THE SECOND GIRL by Ronan Noone

    “…gives its servant characters stories that are rich, moving and urgent. This play will doubtless be seen across the country.”

    Cathryn Wake and Jessica Wortham in Ronan Noone’s THE SECOND GIRL. Photo by Seth Freeman.

  • NOT MEDEA by Allison Gregory

    “boasts an electric central performance by Joey Parsons as a frazzled mother with a tragedy in her past.”

    Ben Chase and Joey Parsons in Allison Gregory’s NOT MEDEA. Photo by Seth Freeman.

  • 20th CENTURY BLUES by Susan Miller

    “…is a full, funny play that is generous of heart..."

    Alexandra Neil and Kathryn Grody in Susan Miller’s 20th CENTURY BLUES. Photo by Seth Freeman.

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