*Jenny Ewing Allen, President
*Ann Harkins, Vice President • President/CEO, National Crime Prevention Council
*Michael Proffitt, Secretary • Proffitt & Associates Architects
*Karen Rice, Treasurer • Director, Shepherd University Lifelong Learning

Marellen Aherne • Organizational Consultant
Christopher Ames • Vice President, Shepherd University
Jon Amores • Racing Secretary, WV Racing Commission
Sharon J. Anderson • Creative Director
Jason Aufdem-Brinke • Theatrical Designer
Beth Batdorf • Clinical Social Worker
Robin Berrington • U.S. Foreign Service (retired)
Carmela Cesare • Berkeley County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
*Elena Echenique • Former Pharmacist/Community Volunteer
Paul Garrard • Founder/President, PGPresents, LLC
Ed Herendeen • Producing Director, CATF
Pete Hoffman • Attorney, Jackson and Kelly
Gary Horowitz • Higher Education Fundraising Professional (retired)
Dimetra Lewin • Teacher
Tripp Lowe • General Manager, Clarion Hotel
Stanley C. Marinoff, M.D. • Retired Physician
Peggy McKowen • Associate Producing Director, CATF
Kakie McMillan • Community Volunteer
Noah Mehrkam • President, The Arcland Group
Diane Melby • Vice President, Shepherd University
*Jeanne Muir • Owner, Thomas Shepherd Inn, Shepherdstown
Patricia Rissler • Federal Legislative Consultant
Audrey Rowe • Administrator, Food and Nutrition Service (USDA)
*RB Seem • Vice President, Wells Fargo
Suzanne Shipley • President, Shepherd University
Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt • Professor, Shepherd University
Ray Smock • Director, Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies
Scott Widmeyer • Chairman & CEO, Widmeyer Communications

*member of CATF’s Executive Committee

Ex Officio

Dow Benedict • Dean, Arts & Humanities, Shepherd University

Honorary Board

S. Andrew Arnold • Attorney
Martin Burke •  Management Consultant, Artist
Ellen Cappellanti • Attorney, Jackson & Kelly
Allison Marinoff Carle • Attorney
Bridget Cohee • Attorney, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC
Bill Drennen • Greg Didden Associates
Mary Clare Eros • Attorney, Jackson & Kelly
Thomas S. Foster • Marketing Investor, Rockwood Capital
Lily Hill • Community Volunteer
Judith Katz Leavy • Sr. Policy Analyst, FCMHS
Catherine Irwin • Retired, Arts Manager
Susan Kemnitzer • Director, National Science Foundation
Katha Kissman • Organizational Development Consultant
Tia McMillan • Vice President, Jefferson Distributing Co.
Andrew D. Michael • Retired (former CATF President)
Joyce Carol Oates • Author, Playwright, and Professor, Princeton University
Michael Santa Barbara • Attorney, Santa Barbara PLLC
Lynn Shirley • Retired (former CATF President)
Stephen Skinner • Attorney, Skinner Law Firm (former CATF President)
Mary Helen Strauch • Independent (former CATF President)
Kevin Struthers • Program Manager, The Kennedy Center
Kirsten Trump • Professor, Shenandoah University
Marjorie Weingold • Independent
Lisa Younis • Independent (former CATF President)

Emeritus Board

Ronald Jones, Linda Rice, and Shirley Marinoff (in memoriam)