A World Premiere by D.W. Gregory
Directed by Ed Herendeen

A Political Thriller

A Soviet journalist with the gift of total recall.
A psychologist seeking to rehabilitate herself.
A government censor with a secret past.

Over two decades their fates become entwined as victims and collaborators in Stalin’s campaign to rewrite public memory. Long before fake news was a trending topic, it was called propaganda. And in the Soviet Union, circa 1938, it was the grease that kept Stalin’s machinery of terror in motion. D.W. Gregory takes us to a world where justice is arbitrary and freedom as we know it does not exist.

All my life I’ve taken such pride in my great memory. But now . . . I’m tasked with learning how to forget.”

Frank Center, 260 University Drive // Run Time: 120 Minutes


Memoirs of a Forgotten Man by D.W. Gregory
National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere

MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN MAN is produced at Contemporary American Theater Festival as an NNPN Rolling World Premiere. Other partners include Shadowland Stages (Ellenville, NY) and New Jersey Repertory Company (Long Branch). More information at