by Eleanor Burgess
Directed by Kimberly Senior**

Zoe and Janine are two people who should have a great relationship: both painfully smart, left wing, privileged intellectuals who believe in scholarship, critical thinking and inclusiveness. But instead, they focus on their differences. Janine is a 1960’s liberal—a Gloria Steinem feminist, and a free speech advocate. Zoe is a millennial liberal, and a warrior for equality, —and deeply tired of waiting for progress that has not come. Riddled with smart dialogue that injures, insults, and ignites, this dramatic confrontation forces us to empathize with two vibrant and complicated women. It’s a play that airs the secret things we are afraid to say…

Sponsored by Jenny Ewing Allen

“I’m starting to think the most important thing anybody ever learns is their own opinion.”

Performed with a brief pause.

Warning: mature language.

The Sunday, July 9, 4:30 PM performance is sponsored by The Residents of The Woods Hedgesville, WV: Jean Alexander, Shirley Marcus Buckner & Lloyd Buckner, Donna J. Dean & John L. Meyer, Isabel (Liz) Dunst, Cynthia Kehr, Audrey Rowe, Beatrice Tierney Stradling, Emma J. Stokes, and Rose Wayland.