Now that we have announced the season we are beginning the pre-production phase of the 2010 Festival. This includes early design discussions with the playwrights, directors and designers and pre-casting meetings with Pat McCorkle, CATF Casting Director.

Yesterday we had a designer/director telephone conference with our set designer Bob Klingelhoefer, Peg McKowen, costume designer and Max Baker the director of The CATF World Premiere of THE EELWAX JESUS 3-D POP MUSIC SHOW. Max responded to Bob’s preliminary ideas and sketches for the set design. Bob and Max had a productive conversation RE: Max’s concept for the production. Lee Sellars also join the conference call. Lee wrote the music for EELWAX and will play Ignatz in the production. Max wrote the book and lyrics and in addition to directing EELWAX he will also play Mr. Shine. Peggy McKowen shared some of her initial ideas for the costumes. It was a free style conversation. Bob and Max will continue this discussion via email etc and we will all get together in April in New York to look at more sketches, renderings and a white model. I was pleased with the progress that we made in this first conversation.

I have a telephone conference with Bob Klingelhoefer this morning to discuss the preliminary design ideas for INANA by Michele Lowe. I am meeting with Michele in New York on Monday to talk with her about her play. And next week we will continue to have discussions with Laura Kepley, the director of The World Premiere of BREADCRUMBS by Jennifer Healy. Bob and I will also begin to discuss my director’s concept for Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s new play LIDLESS. Peg McKowen is designing the set/environment for WHITE PEOPLE by J.T. Rogers. She and I have started talking about the “world of the play” in WHITE PEOPLE which we will produce in the intimate 75 seat Performance Space in the new Center For Contemporary Art.

So the design process has begun…Next Tuesday I am meeting with Pat McCorkle and her staff to discuss casting the 2010 Repertory Acting Company. We will hold our New York auditons in mid April.

Ed Herendeen