The House of the Negro Insane by Terence Anthony

The House of the Negro Insane

A WORLD PREMIERE by Terence Anthony
Directed by Tamilla Woodard

A Poetic Historical Drama

In 1935, Taft State Hospital was one of seven psychiatric facilities in the US exclusively for “insane and idiotic negroes.” Attius has been locked up at Taft for over a decade and has found some sense of peace building coffins. When two new patients interrupt his path to survival and ask him to help them escape, Attius dares to dream of a life outside of the confining walls. Terence Anthony writes a moving portrayal that explores mental, spiritual, and physical incarceration.

Studio 112 92 W Campus Drive
Run Time: 110 Minutes

Sponsored by Beth K. Batdorf and John S. Bresland

THE HOUSE OF THE NEGRO INSANE is presented by special arrangement with the
Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency, Inc.

THE HOUSE OF THE NEGRO INSANE was developed in part with the 2019 Bay Area Playwrights Festival and PlayPenn’s 2017 New Play Development Conference