A World Premiere by Harmon dot aut

Directed by Oliver Butler***

CB sees life through a lens: the camera. CB experiences life – a shifting, repeating fractal that nobody else seems to see – through the lens of their mind. A quick, loving, nonbinary filmmaker with synesthesia, CB follows their parents around the house, documenting them in the pursuit of understanding them. Meanwhile, CB’s parents struggle to love, learn, and support CB in the exploration of their dreams. All the while, the memory of a tornado looms in the distance of a Kansas landscape. This play centers around an autistic teenager (flashing between the ages of 11 and 19) seeking to know and be known.

Contains discussions of historical violence, the Holocaust, gendered violence, bullying, PTSD, suicide, rape, and white supremacy.

Studio 112
92 W Campus Drive, Shepherdstown, WV
Run Time: 90 Minutes

Tornado Tastes Like Aluminum Sting