A Welcome Guest: A Psychotic Fairy Tale

by Michael Weller
World Premiere / Directed by Ed Herendeen

A guest comes to stay in your home. You discover he has permission from the authorities to live there indefinitely. Then you learn that he somehow owns your house and you’re his guest. That’s not right. But are the authorities ever wrong? Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands. And if someone gets hurt, well, it’s not the end of the world… or is it? A Welcome Guest explores intolerance, insanity, and how beautiful it is to know that underneath we’re all one big happy family, for better or (possibly) for worse.

“Sugarbun, let’s play that game where you have a thought in your head and you hide it in silence so no one can find it ever.”

Marinoff Theater, 62 W Campus Drive // Run Time: 150 Minutes

Sponsored by Deb Weisbacher

Supported, in part, by a generous grant from the Laurents/Hatcher Foundation.

A Welcome Guest: A Psychotic Fairy Tale by Michael Weller


Kate Udall

Lou Sumrall

Reece Santos

Sarah Sun Park

Michael Rogers

Wade McCollum

Scenic Design
Jesse Dreikosen

Costume Design
Peggy McKowen

Lighting Design
Tony Galaska

Sound Design
David Remedios

Louie Rozier

Technical Director
Jared Sorenson

Stage Manager
Lori M. Doyle

Asst. Stage Manager
Aubrey Sirtautas

Stage Management Fellow
Dan Karlin

Casting Director
Pat McCorkle, CSA
KATJA Zarolinski, CSA

Assistant Director
Shaun McCracken

Assistant to Michael Weller
Calley Anderso