Jennifer Haley’s new play BREADCRUMBS is a poetic story about the relationship between two women. Alida is a reclusive writer of fiction and she is slowly losing her memories. She meets Beth, a young caregiver who offers to help Alida to remember her stories. Together they delve into the “dark woods” of her past.

          “I’ve been having. Memories. They’ve been. Resurfacing. Yesterday morning. There was a leaf on the windowsill. A yellow leaf. And I realized. It’s Fall. It’s Fall again. The leaf looked like my hand. Reaching out. With all it’s veins. A yellow leaf. And I thought, maybe I should write my memories. Before my brain. Turns brown.”

Jennifer Haley has created a poetic play full of wry humor, compassion and empathy. Trinity Rep’s Laura Kepley is directing this heartfelt and moving story. I am proud to introduce you to this important new American play.

Jennifer Haley Playwright


Helen Jean Arthur will portray Alida. She is a reclusive writer, somewhere in her sixties, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Helen-Jean Arthur


Eva Kaminsky plays Beth, a chaotic drifter looking for a home.

Eva Kaminsky


                          “Do you want to tell this story?”

The Contemporary American Theater Festival will present The World Premiere of BREADCRUMBS by Jennifer Haley Directed by Laura Kepley in the Studio Theater July 7th-August 1st 2010.

Ed Herendeen