If you read yesterday’s blog then you know that I have been thinking about the economic climate. This is an issue that concerns all non profits. But I am very encouraged by the rapid and timely response from yesterday’s posting. Two very generous CATF Trustees personally came into the office yesterday to drop off their donations… and we received another wonderful trustee gift in the mail. These gifts really make a difference. I am very proud of our CATF Board and I truly appreciate their personal support for new American theater.

Needless to say… I am very touched by the generosity of all of our patrons and supporters. The Contemporary American Theater Festival depends on the kindness of all of our donors. They are our partners in art. And we need their support now more than ever…because the economic realities are daunting. These are difficult and uncertain times but I am optimistic about the future. The current economic climate has posed serious challenges to our Theater Festival.  I want to assure you that we are responding proactively and effectively and we will not be deterred from our mission. We will continue to create exciting and daring contemporary theater.  But we need your help to ensure our future. A gift from you will really make a difference.

Thank you for reading today’s blog. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you throughout the summer and I look forward to reading your comments.

Ed Herendeen