My Lord, What a Night

by Deborah Brevoort
World Premiere / Directed by Ed Herendeen

In 1937, after performing a sold-out concert in Princeton, NJ, internationally renowned singer Marian Anderson was refused a room at the whites-only Nassau Inn. With nowhere to go, Albert Einstein invites her to stay in his home, beginning an intimate friendship between two icons that lasts a lifetime. Based on actual events during a turbulent time in our nation’s history, Deborah Brevoort’s new play offers a rare glimpse into what transpired that fateful evening.

“They can deny me a hotel room, they can deny me a concert hall. But they cannot deny me from using my voice. If I let them do that, they’ll take away the most powerful weapon we possess. Music.”

Frank Center, 260 University Drive // Run Time: 120 Minutes

Sponsored by Edward & Helen Moore

My Lord, What a Night by Deborah Brevoort