A Stunning Spectacle of Comedy and Drama

A World Premiere by Chisa Hutchinson
Directed by May Adrales

Doug is an average guy with an average life. Until, that is, he finds himself at a wedding, not as a guest…but as a gift. Surrounded by those that speak a language he’s never heard, Doug realizes he’s little more than a pet. And when the bride grows dangerously fond of him, the prospect of returning home becomes even more remote. Chisa Hutchinson’s provocative and uproariously funny new play asks:  What does it mean to be the only “outsider” in a community? How does it feel to be the “other?”

Sponsored by Lawrence Dean and Mina Goodrich

“I’m not bad, considering I’ve been intergalactically sex-trafficked and am being held against my will in a very strange place, probably light years away from everyone and everything I know and love.”