by Greg Kalleres
World Premiere / Directed by Shelley Butler

John and Victoria just had a hit and run with a deer. Or wait, was it a dog? Yes, it was definitely a dog. Right? Or, what if… As the perfect couple who’s always on the same page, they must now agree on exactly what happened in order to move on. But, when unexpected guests arrive, John and Victoria suddenly can’t seem to remember things the same way. Now they must decide what’s worse: a horrible truth or the terror of experiencing that truth alone.

“…there is nothing scarier in this world than being with someone and feeling alone.”

Marinoff Theater, 62 W Campus Drive // Run Time: 90 Minutes

Sponsored by Janet & Bruce Bunch

Wrecked by Greg Kalleres


Julia Coffey

Chris Thorn

Megan Bartle

Tom Coiner

Scenic Designer
Jesse Dreikosen

Costume Designer
Beth Goldenberg

Sound Design
David Remedios

Technical Director
Jared Sorenson

Stage Manager
Lori M. Doyle

Assistant Stage Manager
Aubrey Sirtautas

Stage Management Fellow
Dan Karlin

Pat McCorkle, CSA
Katja Zarolinski, CSA

Assistant Director 
Charlotte La Nasa